Current Projects

To see my work with embroideries, poetry, photographies and performances,

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Current Projects

  • La Mordida: The Bite & The Bitten This event is a multidisciplinary exhibition that blends conceptual imagery with the confessional journey of an immigrant woman artist. It is an act of healing that has evolved over two years into embroideries, photography, poems, sculpture, audio-poems, and live performance “interventions” created by Montserrat Vargas.
  • The String Project is a series of works with nails, yarn, and wood. Using yarn, I’ve been creating imagery that for me represents depression and statelessness. In some of the pieces of The String Project, the nails are the boundaries of a body, demarcating it with whatever is exterior, while the yarn becomes the communication line across these frontiers. Also, each of the nails are totems of memory, which is something that encourages me to play with time as a concept, placed in a three dimensional space.

Some of my Past Projects

  •  Mouthful Annihilation What message is the media sending to women? How is the media shaping the image of a woman’s ambition and desire? How can women find strength and identity in a world that wants them to conform to a single standard? Artists Andressa Furletti and Montserrat Vargas present the performance Mouthful Annihilation, an exploration of these questions.
  • Anatomia. Protagonist in an Indie Film with Siobhan Antonioli, Violeta Tadla and Jane Smith; Montserrat’s portrays an immigrant who must choose between her epic fantasies  of love and an actual relationship with life.