Anatomia. Indie Film

“I am in post production for my feature “Anatomia.”It is inspired by the art/performance art of Montserrat Vargas. We met three years ago when she was developing “La Mordida,” a piece that addresses the violent and sensual nature of the mouth and its significance in a life-altering event. I filmed Montserrat for ten months on weekends and vacations. The film uses live action footage and After Effects animation. Antomia takes the viewer through the fantasy life and fears of the protagonist so I had to wrangle the plot in order to show reality, memory and subconscious. I might be in crazy “Eraserhead” land with this one. I stayed away from heavy dialogue because the visuals take the lead and I want make a film for humans,not nationalities. Side note, Montserrat sings in Spanish and it is wonderful so that may be the only dialogue part.” Siobahn Antonioli interview by Nina Mansfield

The film Anatomia stars Montserrat Vargas, Violetta Tadla, Nate Speare and Joey Huertas.

Montserrat portrays an immigrant who must choose between her epic fantasies  of love and an actual relationship with life.

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