La Mordida; The Bite & The Bitten

La Mordida: The Bite & The Bitten is a multidisciplinary work series by Chilean artist Montserrat Vargas that combine conceptual imagery with the confessional journey of an immigrant artist. These works have been developed over the past two years in NY through embroideries, photographs, poems, sculptures, audio-poems and performances. The starting point is the mouth as a  vehicle of various types of violence that have emerged from the recognition of being a survivor of sexual abuse. That’s how #LaMordidaProject, the Bite and the Bitten was birthed.
Icon La Mordida
“In the sequence of multidisciplinary work that I have created under the #LaMordidaProject, all images are scenarios created from my memories and experiences captured through different mediums. Some have been translated into pictures created with the help of a photographer, others embroideries or other forms using different materials to transform these experiences into something real.
I do not remember if the images or the poems came first.  I find all this work to have a single objective,  where I try to capture the trichotomy: Word-Image-Feeling; inspired by a photography I write a poem or vice versa. Each of these images live in the words of each poem and they do not exist without each other. “


Past Exhibitions/Shows

February, 2016 Montserrat started publishing her work at ViceVersa Magazine, with some of the PhotoPoems of #LaMordidaProject.


Click here to read more art work by Montserrat Vargas at ViceVersa Magazine.


October, 2015 at Punto Space. Performing La Mordida; the Bite and the Bitten. For this performance, I worked with the meta concept for the 10th anniversary celebration of Nettles Artists Collective, my artistic home.

performance at Punto

July 11, 2015 at Mass Bliss Festival 2015, creating spontaneous moments of performance as a member of Nettles Artists Collective.

June 5th – June 7th, 2015 Invited by Nettles Artists Collective to exhibit part of #LaMordidaProject at Punto Space as part of an evening demonstration, short lecture and reception of Possession & Interpretation Workshop by Pantheatre. PanNyc is an annual training intensive, directed by Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise and produced by the Nettles Artists Collective since 2009. 

May 22nd, 2015 Invited by Group.Br to exhibit part of #LaMordidaProject at Immersive Gallery.

More pictures of #LaMordidaProject on Instagram. 

Collaborators of La Mordida; The Bite & The Bitten

Photographies by Andressa Furletti /Costume and Concept by Montserrat Vargas.

Poems translated from the Spanish to English by Sandie Luna

Digital Production by Michael Gaudet